Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Linux - chapter 4

My laptop now opens to a dual boot screen with the options Windows (default after 10 seconds) or Ubuntu.

You would think that I had been successful. WRONG!

If I choose Ubuntu it boots into Never Never Land. I have to hold down the power button to get it to shut down. Eventually, I powered on and chose Windows. I was never so glad to see that Microsoft WindowsXP opening screen.

I never did get my PC to boot from either the USB flash drive or the CD drive. Totally by accident I stumbled onto the Ubuntu install. How? From Windows I opened My Computer and clicked the CD drive to see what, if any, files had been successfully copied onto the CD. I had given up on burning stuff onto it. Real Player software wanted to burn audio files. Anyway, the Ubuntu installer auto ran. Wow. I thought I was in. Silly me.

I chose the option that Ubuntu states is seldom needed to let Ubuntu help me boot from the CD drive containing Ubuntu. Rather than run Ubuntu as a sub task under Windows I chose the Ubuntu partitioning utility. Of course, along the way it failed and after that I had no idea what happened other than going once again into Never Never Land. Hold down that power button, here we go again.

I am not sure where things are, other than greed is good and good old WindowsXP still works despite the recent abuse to my PC. I will try to install Ubuntu again. I may be able to run it from the CD bit what good is that?

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