Monday, July 20, 2009

Acer supprt: still dense.

Response (Arun_GWSI663) - 07/20/2009 06:42 AM
Dear Aaa Ken,

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I’ll be happy to assist you with this issue.

As per your Serial number we verified that your product is in Warranty.

I understand that you are unable to do recovery using the recovery partition, and also find out that there is no eRecovery program installed in the PC.

Could you please understand that you can install it from the recovery CD.
So could you please go though this link for purchase the recovery the recovery CD:


from Kenneth Matinale
to Acer Technical Support
date Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 8:37 AM
subject Re: Invitation to view a photo from Ken's Picasa Web Album - Tech [Incident: 090711-000847]

How about letting me download it? If it fits on a CD, it must be no larger than about 650 meg, right?

The Acer eRecovery program is supposed to already be on my PC. Why should I pay for something that I am supposed to have?

Plus, my Acer netbook does NOT have a CD drive. You should know that, plus I have informed Acer support about that in this thread alone, MANY times.

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