Friday, July 24, 2009

Nokia N810 arrived: used, NOT new!

It is clearly used. Packaging makes that obvious. I paid for new and got used!

I am on hold with Nokia, which wants ME to pay to return it for a new device plus 15% restocking! Apple only hit me for 10% restocking when I returned the iPod Touch.

I asked Nokia to check its inventory system and determine whether the device had already been sold and returned. I'm waiting for the answer.

This sucks.

These companies do not deal with customers well at all.

Forty minutes on this call to Nokia and WAITING!

What will Nokia decide? The tension mounts. Plus, stupid Verizon Wireless cannot handle my switch to paperless billing. I called and its systems are down!

What the heck?

Nokia group to provide a return authorization (RA) number have all gone home. They are in Indiana.

I am on hold for the group that MAY be able to tell me if this device had been sold and returned before it was shipped to me.

Apple is starting to look good.

On hold with person looking up my Nokia device. One hour, three minutes. Thank goodness I'm using Skype.

74 minutes. I grow weak.

80 minutes.

90 minutes. Nokia will wave the 15% but charge me for shipping. I said no. They are checking again.

95 minutes.

100 minutes. They are sending me back to sales, which dumped onto some semi techie group. Nokia could not tell me whether I had to pay for shipping, the reason I was placed on hold.

I played with it while I was on hold. I think I will return it no matter what. It sucks.

Verizon Wireless, get something: Palm Prem G1, G2, even the damn iPhone! Something!

112 minutes. It's over. Nothing resolved. I must call back Monday.

Oh, the humanity!

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