Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Linux Ubuntu returns!

Yes and it is actually installed and working on my trusty four year old Dell eight pound laptop. I received the version 9.04 CD from The Netherlands in record time.

Initially, I ran it from the CD. Then in a bold move I had it create its own partition on my 40 gig hard drive and install. At start up I have the option to boot either Ubuntu or WindowsXP. It's working well.

However, it limited the size of the partition and there appears to be almost no free space. It presented me with a long list of program updates that cannot be installed because they need almost 400 meg of disk space and I seem to have less than 100 meg free. I tried removing some programs such as Open Office but that did not free nearly enough space.

Both the Update Manager and Add/Remove apps seem to have been created by some being from a nearby galaxy, not too far from our own but not too close either.

Hey, at least it's working.

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