Saturday, July 18, 2009

Apple iPod Touch returned ... ten percent charge.

I arrived at the mall about 9:45AM. The Apple store opens at 10AM and about half a dozen people were already waiting outside. This was odd because customers were already inside and an Apple employee (Applista) was coming out to see if any of us had early appointments.

At 10AM I entered and indicated that I was returning an Apple iPod Touch. There was some grumbling among Apple employees, apparently bracing for the day's onslaught. I was asked why I was returning it and stated that it did not function as a stand alone product, that when I turned it on I saw an image that wanted me to use iTunes. An Applista suggested that iTunes would enable it and I said that iTunes on my PC presented me with an agreement and that I would not declare my allegiance to iTunes.

OK, we were ready for the actual return:

Applista: There is a ten percent re-stocking charge.

Ken: I was not told that.

Applista: It's on the receipt.

Ken: The receipt was sent to me by e-mail.

Applista: Then you received it.

Ken: Not while I was in the store and could do something about it.

Applista: Well, there's nothing that I can do about it.

That cost me $23. I took the hit and left, never to return again. Apple has alienated me.

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