Tuesday, January 27, 2009

E-mail: what now?

With all the problems that I have documented with gmail, especially its contacts, I should probably forward my domain e-mail back to Yahoo.

I just did a Palm Hotsync to Microsoft Outlook.  I am trying to establish equilibrium between them.  That includes going through the many business records in which google generated "unnamed" in the First name field.  I'm doing it in Outlook, of course, where such monkey work is much easier than in the Palm.

I am also cleaning up the address mess caused by google and Goosync, including in my own record.  Oops.  Deleted all.  Doing another hotsync to move everything from Palm to Outlook.  Palm looks pretty good ... I think.

Too many mistakes in both Palm and Outlook.  I need to find a way to recover Palm data.

It looks like 1and1.com will forward domain mail to multiple e-mail IDs.  I just added Yahoo to Gmail.  Both should receive messages sent to my domain e-mail.

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