Friday, January 16, 2009

Goosync still sucks.

I just sent this message to Goosync:

I am done testing Calendar.  Goosync makes a lot of mistakes.

1. Omits events.  I tried changing something on the Palm like number of days before alarm triggers hoping that would make goosync notice the event.  It did not.  Goosync failed to put simple non-repeating events into google, both public and private.

2. For a monthly event entered on Palm Treo 700P that repeats on the 19th, it created two events in January: 19 & 20.  Then nothing for a couple of months, then an event on the 19th.  What the heck?

3. I had to do #2 because the original series entered on the Palm had been wiped out in a goosync when I deleted the event on Jan. 20 in google goosync wiped out all events in the series.

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