Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recovering data from bad Goosync operation.

A few years ago Yahoo had a modified version of Intellisync, which has been cobbled up by Nokia.  It had an option to let you sync directly between a Palm device and Yahoo.  It worked sporadically and I used it for years even after Yahoo dropped support.  Wonder why Yahoo is in trouble?

It had an option that did not work well but it was better than nothing.  It gave the user control over individual conflicts without having to make some potentially devastating decision such as the one that I had when I tried to recover the contacts lost in my Palm Treo 700P during the first sync to google using Goosync.  ALL sync programs should have this option!

I did a quick google search but did not find anything worth trying to recover my lost contacts.  I am amazed that Palm backups seem all but useless.

The last time I did a sync between my Palm Treo 700P and Microsoft Outlook was Jan. 7, 17 days before I tried recovery.  I left the default option of duplicate for conflicts.  Big mistake.  It made dupes on both sides, Palm and Outlook.  Fortunately, it's a lot easier to delete contacts in Outlook than in Palm.  Thirty minutes of monkey level mindless activity cleaned up Outlook and I did another sync to Palm; the extra contacts were removed in Palm.  Whew!

OK, I have Palm back to where it should be or at least close enough after the original disaster.  Next, I may do what I should have done in the first place: delete ALL contacts in google and sync again using Goosync.  If Goosync fails this, it is hopeless.

I may also sync to Outlook from time to time to have some way of recovering from contact problems on the Palm.

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