Friday, January 9, 2009

Goosync sucks less.

I received this from goosync support:

The sync logs on your account show the sync is failing because you have not yet selected a device on your account. Please log into GooSync and select a device when prompted.

Actually I did get to that but goosync muddles the issue by stating that all Palm devices are OK, with no way to select a specific one.  I slopped around a bit more and satisfied goosync.  This allowed a sync to complete.  I did this after deleting the entries in the google calendar so that Palm would provide all events to google.

Yippie!  It worked ... for some events.  Those that repeated caused a problem.  So, I tried again.  Results were worse.  Events that had been added in google from Palm were now missing.

Calendar should be a lot easier than contacts, which require me to pay goosync.  I do not want to do that until calendar syncing works properly.

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