Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free e-mail: Yahoo v. Gmail

I recently switched from Yahoo to 1and1.com for domain hosting.  I later learned that 1and1 had an F rating but so far it has done the job and for much less : Yahoo $35 v. $9.

I changed my settings in 1and1 so that now 1and1 is forwarding e-mail messages to both of my e-mail services.  I tried to find the latest iteration of sync software that Yahoo provides.  This is too bizarre an experience to recount in detail but it is worth noting that I could not find the Yahoo web page that allows you to download Yahoo sync software.

Google does not have its act together either.

What I may wind up doing is sync the data on my Palm Treo 700P to Microsoft Outlook as a first step.  To get the data to Yahoo and google I now think I may need to export the data from Outlook then delete all records in Yahoo and google and then import the data from the Outlook export file.  I know, it sounds like a joke but it's not.  This is the state of sync.

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