Monday, January 26, 2009

Goosync flops again. Google, too.

I tried to Goosync again with the same result: "No SyncML response".  I wonder if my setting the Goosync Client Palm program to "update server" is construed by Goosync as the Goosync server, not the google server.  That might explain why nothing happened.  It does not, however, explain why these terms are not defined, nor why the messages displayed and in the log are not more informative.

54 of possibly 632 records (according to Palm, maybe included deleted records)  contacts made it into google.  That suggests that the server mentioned above was properly construed as the google server.  The Goosync log gives no hint.

1. Delete all 54 contacts from google.
2. Import google contacts saved yesterday.

Google import reports: "We have imported all 358 contacts found in the uploaded file."

Let's look at both Palm and google contacts to see if they seem OK.  Palm seems OK.

Google imported contacts do not have google groups assigned.  How can that be?  That is google's own designation.  I used google to export/import and still stupid google did not retain its own groups.  This is beyond incompetent.

Google import managed to provide me with 16 unnamed contacts even after I deleted all unnamed contacts prior to the export.  What the heck?  They are entities that have company name but no name of an individual.  Google cannot handle this?  Is this a joke?  Do the google programmers live on this planet?  They could imagine such a circumstance?  To compound the stupidity, if I try to search in google for the company name it is not found.  Google only searches on person name.  Yahoo searches ALL fields.  Are you telling me that google did not bother to look at what the leading provider of free e-mail did?  Shame on google.

Let's try another Goosync, this time with Palm and google as equals, i.e., normal.

In google I added this simple contact:

Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

I put the entire address into the one lonely pathetic field that google supplies.  Let's see how that winds up in Palm.  I think the entire mess will be placed into the address field.

Now let's add a record in Palm:

Kirsten Gillebrand
U.S. Senate
313 Hart Senate Building
Washington, DC  20510

I changed the Goosync Client Palm program to "normal".  Let's see what happens.  Goosync!

Done after quite a while.  Again, I forgot to time it.  I did not think it would take a long time again.


1. Three unnamed contacts added.  One was in the infamous Suggested Contacts group in google.  I have no idea why the other two were added.  They were parts of records with a first name but no last name.

2. Barack Obama made it from google to Palm.  Yippie!  His address got plopped into one field as expected and specified by Goosync, which blames this on google.

3. I found two occurrences of Amazon.  Google contains one.  I deleted one in Palm.

4. My record got duplicated.  Not a good idea to draw attention to a problem by doing it to the customer.  I am duped on both sides.  I deleted the record in google that did not contain my photo.  That's another problem with google export/import: it drops photos.


1. The 16 unnamed contacts remained, which is a good thing because they are legit.

2. Uh oh.  Kirsten Gillebrand, my new blond woman senator from New York, did not get added in google.  Come on.  I added one record on each side and only one got added.  What the heck is that?

3. I found a contact with only company name that was listed with company name, not as unnamed.

The Goosync did little harm but it did not do enough good to justify its continued use or price, $54.

I am trying yet another Goosync.  This time only four records seem to be involved.  Will Kirsten Gillebrand get added in google on a second try?  Oops.  Now many more records are being received.  Received by which side?  Who knows?  Goosync should be running the CIA.  Goosync can keep information secret.

Received 249.  Goosync log in Palm:

"successfully completed"
Device: add 0, upd 242, del 6 items
Server: add 0, upd 1, del 3 items

Goosync indicates that the Palm had "upd 242".    What?

Looks like Kirsten Gillebrand NOT get added in google.  Bad.  Is that because she did not have an e-mail ID?  I will add one.  I will also add another contact in Palm with only name (Joe Blow) and e-mail (  That's two changes, both on Palm: one add, one change to a record that was never added to google.

My extra record, deleted in google, was also deleted in Palm.  Good.


Sent: 2/2
"successfully completed"
Device: add 0, upd 3, del 0 items
Server: add 0, upd 2, del 0 items

Google now shows 596 contacts.  Oh, boy.  What?

Missing from google: both Kirsten Gillebrand and Joe Blow.  Apparently additions only go from google to Palm, not from Palm to google.  Is this a joke?

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