Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goosync: the saga continues.

I tried a some new tests.  I added two repeating events in my Palm:

1. repeats every week.
2. repeats every other week. 

They worked!  They both repeated in my google calendar.  The repeats went on well past the 30 day limit that Goosync said was imposed during the free trial period.

I then added two similar repeating events in my google calendar.  The every two week events default in google calendar to starting one week from the date entered.  Curious.  I synced and again it worked, including far into the future.

Next, I deleted all the new events on the Palm.  Then I added an event on the Palm that starts today and repeats on the 21st of the month.  Again it worked.

Finally, I added an event in google that starts today and repeats on the 21st of the month every three months.  It worked.

Did Goosync fix its problem with repeating events?  Maybe.  How come my original events more than 30 days into the future did not go from Palm to google, including those that repeat annually?

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