Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goosync making a comeback.

Today I received this GooSync:

Please be aware of the sync window for the free GooSync accounts.
It allows you to synchronise events that are up to 7 days in the past and 30 days in the future of the current sync date.
Any events outside of this time frame will not be synchronised until they do fall within the sync window.
The log files show that the recent events sent by the device were outside of this time frame so were not synchronised.
With regards to the repeating event: we are still investigating what may be causing this issue.


My response:

Thanks.  I did not realize there was that limit on free calendar.  You
should make it better known.


I did a login at goosync.com but did not see anything about date limits for my free subscriptions.

I tried making a couple of simple changes within the time limits of the calendar freebie and they worked!  Yippie!  There's hope for syncing.

It's amazing to me that this simple function is causing so much difficulty.  Google only has syncing for calendar for the Blackberry and that is new and it has trouble.  How tough can it be?  Palm had it working years ago.  The only difference is that this new sync is between a handheld device and a web site.  Is that so different from syncing to a PC?  Apparently, but I do not understand why.

Google has yet to approach syncing contacts directly between a handheld device and its web site and goosync has only recently introduced it.  If goosync can resolve its problem with syncing repeating events soon I may pay for the version that includes syncing contacts and try that.

Syncing directly between my  handheld device and a web site is my current criteria for choosing an e-mail provider between Yahoo and google.  Let the games continue!

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