Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goosync cancelled my subscription! Cowards!

I made several changes in Palm, including:

1. eliminating dupes
2. changing unnamed records: they have the word "unnamed" in the name field in edit mode.  I deleted that word to try to force google to use the company name in displaying records and for use in searching.  I think this searching thing will not happen.

Let's try another Goosync.

"DB not found".  That what the Goosync client Palm program says.  I tried twice.

I now notice that there are 251 unnamed records in google.  Goosync really sucks and google gmail is not far behind.

I did a login at Goosync.com and it appears that my account is no longer active.  Maybe Goosync took the subject of yesterday's e-mail to support@toffa.com literally.  I don't mind if they gave me a credited.  No credit yet.

Cowards!  Instead of fixing the many incredible problems with their Goosync  product they ignored my messages for days and then cancelled my subscription.  Goosync could not even add a Palm  record to google.  That says it all.

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Nick said...

Hey there -- you are not alone with your Goosync hassle.
I also paid for the lifetime and also had everything go south soon thereafter.
Same inconsistent results and failures and total lack of communication ... they have some gall selling a product that simply does not work.
Their calendar sync was always decent and it serves as a decent backup to mobisync (which actually works--so refreshing). However as of today "free" users are now suspended ... no bother of course to email such users; you have to log into the so-called support forum to find out.
Sorry for the rant.
Googsync sucks.
All the best!